[heading subtitle=”COAL CHAR AS A SUBSTITUTING MATERIAL OF NATURAL GRAPHITE IN GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES – CHARPHITE”]PN III – Cooperarea Europeană și Internațională – Subprogram 3.2 – Orizont 2020[/heading]
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Faculty of Engineering, University „Constantin Brancusi” from Targu-Jiu

Department of Automation, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Eroilor 30, Targu-Jiu, Gorj, RO 210152
Tel: +40 253-218222, +40 253-214307

Fax: 40-253-215794

Mailing adress:
Mihai Cruceru

Traian Alexandru Abagiu

Luminita Georgeta Popescu

Lucica Anghelescu

Corina Natalia Chiroiu


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Project description

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