„Constantin Brâncuşi” University of Târgu-Jiu
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering and Automation


1. The paper will be written fully in English, on an even number of pages, 6 maximum. It will be used Microsoft Word (.doc), Times New Roman font, size 12 regular, single spacing, justify.

2. The text will be written on A4 format using page settings: 4 cm top and 2.5 cm bottom-left-right.

3. Title of paper: Times New Roman, Bold, size 14, capital letters, centered.

4. Authors names: Times New Roman, Bold, size 12, centered, two lines from the title of the paper, in order: the scientific title, first name, name (capital letters), institution, e-mail address.

5. Abstract: Times New Roman, italic, size 10, two lines from the authors’ name and institution. The text of the abstract will be written in a language of international circulation and will be reduced left-right 1 cm. The word Abstract will be written in bold (Abstract).

6. Keywords: 4-5 keywords, Times New Roman, size 10, one line from abstract

7. Content of the paper: Two spaces from keywords written with size 12, single spacing, justify, normal.

8. Chapters and subchapters: Times New Roman, Bold, size 12, alignment left, two lines from precedent text, no line from current text.

9. It will be used tab. 0,9.

10. Figures will be text inserted; bellow will be figure number and figure legend, size 11.

11. Equations and formulas, written with equation editor will be centered and numbered consecutively using the International System of Arabic Numbering. The equation number will be right aligned, in round brackets.

12. Bibliographic notes will be numbered in text between right parentheses according to the order of titles in the bibliography (Author- name, surname, bold, Title of the paper -italic, Publisher, Place of publication, year, page, regular).

13. The papers that will not respect the formatting requirements above will be rejected.

14. The papers will be sent in electronic format on CD or e-mail. The file will be named „Author_name_L nr.doc”

(Word 2003 compatibility).

15. According to deadlines above, please send by email the Registration Form, according to presented model. 

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