Center for Mathematical Research and Applications

Center for Mathematical Research and Applications is an academic research unit, initially organized as part of Department of Mathematics at University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu-Jiu (UCB). Currently the Engineering Faculty of UCB runs the center.

Its aims are: to focus the research efforts in the fields of pure and applied mathematics, to consolidate the co-operation between mathematicians and engineers in order to solve complex problems from engineering sciences, to contribute to training and stimulation of students' research, as well to development of the higher education.

Members of the center

Completed projects


Former members of CMRA
    Assoc. Professor Ion Chiriac
    Assoc. Professor Camelia Căpăţînă (Department of Environment Engineering)
    Assoc. Professor Mihai Cruceru (Department of Power Engineering)
    Assoc. Professor Cristinel Racoceanu (Department of Power Engineering)
    Lecturer Bogdan Marian Diaconu (Department of Power Engineering)
    Asst. Lecturer Dragoş Pătru Covei
    Alina Handra (student - master programme)
    Corina Codiţoiu (student - master programme)
    Riceard Leonard Iacob (student - master programme)
    Marian Ceauşescu (student - master programme)
    Constantin Tufişi (student - master programme)
    Dragoş Olaru (economic adviser)

University Constantin Brâncuşi,
Str. Geneva, Nr. 3, 210136 Târgu-Jiu,
Phone: 0040/253/214307
Fax: 0040/253/215794