The promotion of scientific research concerning: operator models and applications


By the accomplishment of this project we expect to increase the international visibility of Romanian scientific community and, especially, of the three partner universities (West University of Timişoara -UVT, University of Bucharest -UB, University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu Jiu-UCB), in view of the integration and correlation of research programs in our country (particularly, in the three universities) in international and European research programmes. In this context, the objectives of this project are the following:

  • To attract scientific personalities and of prestigious foreign researchers in order to participate at joint research activities (organization of scientific manifestation with international attendance, experience and result exchanges etc.);

  • The initiation of some partnership relations with foreign similar institutions and the consolidation of the already existent relations in view of the long-term S/T collaboration by participating to joint research programs (work visits, visits and stages of formation/ research/ teach, human exchanges, elaboration of papers and monographs in joint work with high rank members of the international academic community, their publication and spread);

  • Scientific research promotion on themes compatible with the ones of some representative programmes for the European research area (inclusive for the future FP7);

  • International correlation of research programs from the three partner universities, the spread and dissemination of S/T results and knowledge (by the organization of working scientific seminars with the attendance of the three partner teams, by the participation at sessions of preparation of project proposals for international and European programs, work visits at prestigious foreign universities having experience in European programs completion );

  • Information exchange optimization in the S/T community (by publication/ spread on the project WEB pages, in journals with ISI quotation or with large international spread, and in monographs of the results of research activities carried out by the partners; the foundation of an electronic journal).

UCB research team

Scientist in charge: Vasile Lupulescu (assoc. professor, UCB)
Members of the research team: Mădălina Buneci (assoc. professor), Viorica Ungureanu (assoc. professor), Miodrag Iovanov (professor), Ion Chiriac (assoc. professor), Carmen Bărbăcioru (lecturer), Novac Chiriac (lecturer), Dragoş Covei (assist. lecturer), Olimpia Pecingină (assist. lecturer), Gabriel Gîdei (system engineer), Vergică Tutilă (accounting officer).

1st stage
  • Visit of Professor Tzanko Donchev from Department of Mathematics of University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Sofia (Bulgaria) at our university in the second part of May 2006.

    Professor Tzanko Donchev gives a talk in the seminar on Differential inclusions and Stochastic control:

2nd stage
  • The International Workshop on Operator Models and Applications - OMA 2006 will be jointly organized by West University of Timişoara, University of Bucharest and University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu-Jiu within the framework of the CEEX project The Promotion of Scientific Research on: Operator Models and Applications, code PR-D11-PT00-48/2005. The workshop will be held in Timişoara (Romania) between June 29 - July 4, 2006.

  • Visit of Dr. Piotr Stachura (from Department of Mathematical Methods in Physics of Warsaw University ) at our university between July 20-28, 2006. He gives a talk in the seminar on Convolution algebras associated with groupoids and applications:

    • Groupoid morphisms and convolution algebras - 26.07.2006, 16-18, room A018 (Engineering Faculty of UCB).

3rd stage
  • Visit of Professor Jose Maria Martinez Ansemil from Departamento de Analisis Matematico, Facultad de Ciencias Matematicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spania) at our university between November 06-11, 2007.

    Professor Jose Maria Martinez Ansemil gives a talk in the seminar on Convolution algebras associated with groupoids and applications: