Project management experience

Generalized groupoid morphisms - grant CEEX (Excellence research projects for young researchers) from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, code ET 65/2005, contract no. 2987/11.10.2005.

Abordarea notiunilor de simetrie si spatiu din perspectiva grupoizilor (A groupoid approach to notions of symmetry and space) - grant CNCSIS (Romanian National University Research Council), code At 127/2004(for young researchers), under contract no. 33346/29.06.2004, and contract no. 34682/24.06.2005.

Participation in other research projects

Completely Positive Maps, grant from the Romanian National University Research Council (CNCSIS) code A1065/2006. Project manager: M. Joiţa (Bucharest University)

The promotion of scientific research concerning: operator models and applications, grant CEEX (module: The promotion of participation to research European and international programs; type: Increasing institutional and research programs visibility) from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, code PR-D11-PT00-48/2005, accepted for funding.
  • Project manager: D. Popovici (UVT).
  • A consortium of three universities is involved: West University of Timişoara (UVT)-co-ordinator, University of Bucharest (UB)-partner, University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu Jiu (UCB)-partner.
  • Scientist in charge of UCB research team : V. Lupulescu
  • Members of UCB research team: M. Buneci, V.Ungureanu, M. Iovanov, I. Chiriac, C. Bărbăcioru, N. Chiriac, D. Covei, O. Pecingină, G. Gîdei (system engineer), V. Tutilă (accounting officer).

EU-Postdoc Fellowship, Postdoctoral position in mathematical analysis and applications in quantum mechanics, in the framework of the Post-doctoral Training Program HPRN-CT-2002-00277 "Analysis and Quantum", November 22, 2004 - January 21, 2005, University of Warsaw (Department of Mathematical Methods in Physics).