Generalized groupoid morphisms

Grant CEEX from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research
Code ET 65/2005 (Excellence research projects for young researchers), contract no. 2987/11.10.2005
Project manager: Mădălina Roxana Buneci (assoc. professor, UCB)
Research team: Novac Claudiu Chiriac (lecturer, UCB), Dragoş Pătru Covei(assist. lecturer, UCB), Sorin-Mirel Stoian (lecturer dr., Univesity of Petroşani)


The aim of this project is to generalize the notion of groupoid morphism. We shall introduced these morphisms (in a generalized sense) in order to obtain functorial maps from the categories of groupoids (endowed with various structures) as objects and our morphisms as arrows (morphisms) to a suitable categories of C*-algebras. There is a high potential for applications in noncommutative geometry and physics.

List of papers that are (partially) supported by this grant